I have always enjoyed making and bringing cheesecake to most social events and have a true passion for creating the unthinkable. I have also always been the one to complain about not enough of this or that on a dessert. Giving my customers the freedom to create exactly what they want with a delicious cheesecake base is so much fun!  

Then came the mason jars, I had one sitting on the counter and thought can I bake in that?..... The ideas just keep steam rolling in!

I am baking out of my own Health Inspected Certified Kitchen in Harrowmsith just north of Kingston

about The "Cheesecaker Baker": Stephanie Newman


I need to thank my family, friends and the community for supporting me, Jenn Orsmbee who let me start selling the jars at Ormsbee's Mercantile in Sunbury as well as Nick Gilmour of Gilmours on 38 in Harrowsmith. A big thank you to my cousin Amanda Butterill of Nomad Yogini who encouraged me to try !